03 Nov

Looking Back at Bala Falls

While taking a drive through the town of Bala in Muskoka its hard not to miss the Save the Bala Falls signs.  Many locals and cottagers are very upset at the possible destruction of  the natural beauty of these falls with a proposed hydroelectric plant being built. This photo was taken “looking back” at the road over the dam and railway bridge near Purks Place and the old stone church.

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  1. Heather says:

    Hello Ed…it seems I’ve missed some uniquely wonderful shots, love the Woodpecker and the shot of the icy pong…I’ve been so busy with my weekend shows I’ve not had time for much else…the shows are coming to an end soon so I will have time to visit my favorite sites!

  2. Looking at life through the rear view? I think I recognize this place!

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