25 Aug

Frolicking Otters of Muskoka

I arrived to the cottage, switched the waterfall on in the pond and within a few minutes I heard splashing and high pitched squealing. I stood and watched these three Otters perform Oylimpic level somersaults and backflips. They were having a grand old time. After a short time they noticed me standing near by and fearlessly swam up to the edge staring at me in deep curiousity. Obviously I was no threat as they continued on with their antics for the next two hours. I’m not so sure there are any frogs or fish left in the pond though.

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  1. Jim Boyd says:

    Hi Ed. I saw three otters 2 summers ago heading upstream on the south side of the Joe River Bridge. It was fantastic to watch them play and frolic, I did not realize they were using the river as a habitat. Wondering if it would be the same three as you saw on your property this year.

  2. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hi Jim,
    We certainly don’t see Otters around very often, well I don’t. It could be the same three. They sure look like they have fun.

  3. TK says:

    Saw 2 otters swimming and diving in Muskoka River this morning just out front of my dock. About half a km down river from Huntsville lock off Brunel road.

  4. Ed Boutilier says:

    They are a treat to see and watch.

  5. Chris Cousins says:

    I was at my house where we have large natural pond when I saw what looked like a baby otter. He was swimming in the water and then climbed out and was running on the ice. Very cute. Wish I had my camera. Should

  6. R S Potts says:

    Hi Ed
    I have been doing work by the water in Muskoka and in the fall seen a family of Otto’s and enjoyed to watch them swim and play before the freeze up. Thanks for sharing.

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