30 Oct

Drifting Amongst the October Sky

It has been a little chilly on the lake especially traveling around by Seadoo. If you layer up it is not too bad and the trade-off of being the only one on the lake is so worth it. I’ve visited this little outcropping on Lake Joseph a few times in the past. It is near the old abandoned Fairy Island cottage. I get close and just shut off the machine and drift into the rocks. There wasn’t a soul around except for me and a few seagulls. It is so peaceful in a therapeutic sort of way to just sit and take it all in. I included a cropped version and the original full framed photo taken with a Nikon D700 and the 10-24mm wide-angled lens.

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  1. tim laughlin says:

    Looking at pictures of Muskoka, particularly vintage, I stumbled into
    your blog. Have worked my way thru many of them which I truly enjoy.
    Keep it up, will add you to my favourites. Love your area, Tim

  2. Lilith says:

    Hello Ed,

    Wow, scrolling down through your blog photos, this beautifully raw one grabbed me in an elemental way.
    When I read the text, I understood why: This is the rock outcropping that the Pardoe’s – or was it just us kids? – referred to as “Devil’s Rock.” We kids were allowed to go row out to it on our own (in one of the Pardoe’s trusty old boats (a Dipper, perhaps? I do not know but maybe Ellen Pardoe would.)

    The rule was that in order to be allowed to row out in a kid-only party, we had to wear our orange life vests. All the younger kids pretty much had to wear one at all times when running freely about the island, but older kids were exempt unless heading out in a boat).
    It was a daring adventure to row out to that ominously named rock and run about, waving back to our parents waving from the dock or the curved rock outcropping attached to the Island which created the sandy little mini lagoon called “Baby Bath.”

    How tough the plants are that survive the conditions of a little rocky outcropping in a Canadian lake!
    How dynamic the rock formation itself, showing the dramatic geologic forces or its creation!
    Thanks so much for sharing all of your photos of this wondrous area – both the human imprints upon it and the timeless elements that make it the eternally gorgeous, peaceful and compelling place that it is!

  3. Ed Boutilier says:

    Hello Lilith, yes indeed the photo is of the rock outcropping just off Fairy Island referred to as The Devils Rock. Thank you for sharing your memories of drifting over to the rock. That would have been a lot of fun as a child and I bet a feeling of accomplishment looking back at the adults on Fairy Island. I myself drifted onto the island a few years back to take some photos. I had to do it on a Seadoo because it is too shallow for a boat unless it was a small one with an outboard.

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