21 Jun

Diver Down

I was out for an early morning drive and discovered an early morning dive. Looks like they were giving a scuba diving course at the dam in Bala on the Lake Muskoka side.
Please click on the photo for a larger size

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  1. Cheryl says:

    That water must be chilly! I’m sure they’re properly outfitted though. I love Bala and have had a lot of fun there years ago – and some nasty hangovers. I have friends with a cottage on Clear Lake that we used to visit quite regularly but we’ve lost touch since. When I go to my “happy place” it is an image of the lake from their dock. So beautiful.

  2. Heather says:

    Scuba diving is something I’ve never learned…
    With the weather we’ve been having I’m sure the water is a bit on the cool side…
    Great shot Ed…Dawn and I did a Market in the parking lot by a falls in Bala…I’m thinking it was across the road from this area???
    Beautiful spot…
    The Rosseau Market begins this coming Friday…I’m looking forward to it! Always a great day in Rosseau…
    Say hello to Cindy.

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